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Our instructors understand and honor the martial arts traditions born thousands of years ago. Today, we proudly share these customs with a modern approach to teaching, and continue to research and develop the latest in martial arts techniques and fitness. Our curriculum motivates and challenges our students to achieve their goals in a fun, positive training environment. Sifu Garcia Martial Arts Instructor Katy

Sifu Kevin Garcia

Sifu Kevin Garcia has been training in martial arts for over 25 years, earning his 6th degree black belt. He has trained in various styles, such as San Shou (Chinese kickboxing), Muay Thai, Western boxing, Brazilian jiu jitsu, Judo, mixed martial arts, Shaolin kung fu, and Kenpo karate. He has successfully competed and coached in more than 100 fights, winning regional, national, and international competitions in boxing & kickboxing. Sifu Garcia’s passion for teaching afforded him the opportunity to teach martial arts as a public school teacher for Houston Independent School District from 1996-1998.Sifu Garcia ran one of the most successful academies in the Houston area for over 13 years. His classes were featured on local news channels ABC13 – KTRK and NBC2 – KPRC. He has taught thousands of students, hundreds of whom have earned the rank of black belt.Sifu Garcia is excited to have opened Katy’s first kickboxing academy and looks forward to serving the Katy community. Sifu Garcia is currently training under tenth degree black belt John Hackleman, owner and founder of The Pit. He holds a purple belt in Brazilian jiu jitsu and is currently studying under American Top Team black belt Luigi Mondelli. Sifu Garcia is a certified coach of USA Boxing and USA Weight Lifting associations.

Adrienne Harvey, Chief Instructor

“I originally wanted to do kickboxing so I could lose weight and develop muscle tone. After Sifu Garcia further investigated my reasons for wanting to do kickboxing, I realized I also wanted to learn how to defend myself. Through my training I gained confidence as well as attaining my original weight loss and fitness goals. When I started I hadn’t thought of becoming a black belt. Looking back, I see what an impact martial arts has had in my life, and don’t know where I’d be without it.” Adrienne Harvey, soon to be 5th degree black belt, has trained in traditional kung fu and kickboxing going on 15 years. She has trained under Sifu Garcia since 2001, gone through certified instructor training, worked as an instructor under him at another location, and joined Texas Kickboxing as chief instructor in March 2015. She has been a competitor in both light and full-contact amateur kickboxing, western boxing, and has trained in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. In addition to her love of the martial arts, Ms. Harvey has a passion for health and fitness and is currently head Life Coach and Program Manager for Texas weight Loss.

Martial Arts Instructor Laura Lee Katy Kickboxing

Laura Lee, Instructor

“If you had told me 15 years ago that I would be a black belt, I wouldn’t have believed it. I started training for a workout and to learn some self-defense. Now I can’t imagine my world without martial arts.” Laura Lee, 5th degree black belt, has trained in traditional kung fu and kickboxing for over 15 years. She has trained with Sifu Kevin Garcia for more than 10 years, and joined Texas Kickboxing as a part-time kickboxing instructor in 2010. She has been a competitor in both light and full-contact amateur kickboxing and Muay Thai fighting, and has begun to train in Brazilian jiu jitsu. In addition to her love of the martial arts, Ms. Lee has a passion for yoga and is a certified instructor. She has been teaching in Aldine ISD for 20 years and is currently a dyslexia specialist, working with students with reading disabilities. Martial Arts Instructor Annie Meyzen Katy Texas Kickboxing

Annie Meyzen, Instructor

Annie Meyzen has been training at Texas Kickboxing for four years and is currently a 1st degree black belt. “I originally came to the academy in search of gaining self confidence, self defense and strength to help me in joining the police department, but fell in love with the sport and never left.” Ms.Meyzen’s enthusiasm for training includes kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and boxing and she is an active competitor, having represented TKA at Golden Gloves and amateur Muay Thai events throughout Texas. She is the proud mother of two junior blacks belts. Instructor-Nora-Rezaie-Texas-Kickboxing

Nora Rezaie, Instructor

Ms. Rezaie’s started training in martial arts in 2007 when she began studying San Shou(Chinese kickboxing) under Sifu Kevin Garcia. She is currently a 1st degree black belt. Ms. Rezaie’s desire to compete has led her to train in other styles, including Muay Thai, mixed martial arts, jiu jitsu and western boxing. She competed in Houston’s Golden Gloves, securing the Southeast regional title in her weight class and continues to compete in amateur Muay Thai fights. Ms Rezaie is the Interventional Radiology Coordinator at Memorial Hermann, where she has worked for 14 years. She joined TKA’s staff as part-time kickboxing instructor in 2014.